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FIVE Unique extra virgin olive oil – 1st Photo
FIVE Unique extra virgin olive oil – 2nd Photo
FIVE Unique extra virgin olive oil – 3rd Photo
FIVE Unique extra virgin olive oil – 4th Photo
FIVE Unique extra virgin olive oil – 5th Photo

extra virgin
olive oil

Unique Gourmet extra virgin olive oil of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.)
obtained directly from hand picked olives grown at selected P.D.O. region of Greek land (Finiki Lakonias).
5 Unique is produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions, thus achieving excellent organoleptic characteristics which are also directly related to its olive cultivars (special varietal blend): rich and unique aroma, well balanced flavor and golden-green colour.

Available in 200ml e 6.8 fl oz


General quality characteristics of 5 Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Region of Olive Cultivars and Production: Finiki Lakonias, Greece
  • Olive Variety: Koroneiki (70%), Athinolia (25%), Asprolia (5%)
  • Organoleptic: Well balanced and rich flavor and aroma, golden-green color
  • Fruity: 3.7, Pungent: 3.2, Spicy: 3.9
  • Acidity: 0,2-0,4%
  • Shelf-life (minimum): 24 months from production
  • Storage in cool and dark place
  • Packaging: Satin painted Glass Bottles decorated with Swarovski Elements / Wooden Box / Carton Box
  • P.D.O. olive oil certified according to EU 1151/2012, 1898/2006 for P.D.O. products