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Gastrometry presents ‘The quintessential experience of 5 Organic extra virgin olive oil’

Gastrometry is a unique cultural blend that merges haute cuisine with design. A culinary art gallery, where superior product quality meets extreme design aesthetics. Dedicated to presenting an exclusive selection of interiors, premium products, contemporary applied arts, culinary art and creative people from around the world.

Ioannis Sompolos, Vice President of the BoD said “WEP is a Greek holding company for the exclusive 5 Olive Oil Products.Our initial and foremost purpose is to uphold the brand name of Greece in the best possible way. We have the ambition of creating one of the finest premium olive oil brands, with sensational packaging layout and excellent product quality. Handing out an impressive design item along with the unrestrained symbolisation of olive oil while our company stands for the highest quality olive oil products and the utmost level of professional and business integrity, along with ultimate customer satisfaction. ”

“The product line targets the international market while we have managed to differentiate from the competition as a whole, by creating a market niche, where superior quality olive oil and extreme design aesthetics meet affordable prices. The selected design is elegant and contemporary yet at the same time also reminiscent of potion bottles from old times while the figure “5” was chosen as a fitting brand name, with “5” standing for the quintessence of olive oil. Over the last years our products have reached over 20 leading markets, through premium food distributors, high-end hotels, restaurants and also companies that deal with corporate gifts, including the USA, China, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, the majority of the EU markets and Russia.”

“Our promise resides in every single drop of 5 Olive Oil by supplying highest quality premium Greek extra virgin olive oil, employing unprecedented packaging design, offering luxury, healthy and high nutritional value products, applying an environment friendly approach (using recyclable materials) and finally by upholding the highest business standards. While we are in the midst of what can be perceived as a “turbulent” business environment in Greece, we would like to assure our clients and customers that we are a stable company that has taken on considerable measures to remain so and weather the current storm.”

“Distinctive packaging and bottle shape, resulting in a strong brand name. Due to the bottle shape, which is rounded, and glass made the firm is distinguished from others and it is easily recognisable. The packaging and the shape has resulted in the strong brand image of the firm and this will allow it to become easily recognisable in a large store and the consumer eye will be attracted there.

In close collaboration with the award winning design agency “Designers United”​, our products have thrived in international competitions around the globe, amassing a staggering 5 global design awards, including the Red dot Design Awards, the European Design Awards, the Pentawards and the Dieline Awards for 2012 and 2013. The latest distinction was at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) where 5 Olive Oil was voted by the jury comprising of New York based leading brand identity firm Sterling Brands, as the most innovative package design for 2013.

WEP bases its marketing campaign as a whole to the demographics and lifestyle of the potential end customer/buyer of its products. It is the company’s strong belief that the end customer should experience the company’s products and all their qualities (olive oil quality, packaging design) and perceive the added value of them to the full extend.”

Find out more at: http://gastrometry.com/articles/5-organic-the-quintessential-olive-oil-experience/



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