• World Excellent Products
    Central Offices
    2 Kapetan Agra St, P.O. BOX 1025, Kalochori 57009, Thessaloniki GREECE.

    T: +30 2310 751379 – F: +30 2310 471520
    E: info@wep-sa.com
    Sales Department
    Vivi Nestora: vivinestora@wep-sa.com

    Global Sales Manager
    Ioannis Sompolos: i.sompolos@wep-sa.com

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Investor relations

The company

Company : World Excellent Products S.A
Founded : 24.05.2011
Accounting Standard : Financial Statements prepared based on the Greek Accounting Standards (GAS) and audited based on the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
End of Business Year : December 31st
Management : Ioannis Sompolos CEO
Giorgos Petronikolos COO
Anastasios Georgiadis (Legal Advisor)
Advisory Board :

Company profile

World Excellent Products S.A. (WEP) is a Greek holding company for the exclusive 5 Olive Oil Products. WEP stands for the highest quality in olive oil products and the utmost level of professional and business integrity, along with ultimate customer satisfaction.
WEP’s promise resides in every single drop of 5 Olive Oil by:
  • Supplying Highest Quality Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Employing Unprecedented Packaging Design
  • Offering Luxury, Healthy, High Nutritional Value Products
  • Applying an Environment Friendly Approach and Using Recyclable Materials
  • Upholding the Highest Business Standards

The company’s goal is to extend its product portfolio with more high-quality products, while also decreasing production cost and enhancing its product offering with strong online and offline marketing and promotion actions.

The stock

Total Shares : 2.351.590
ISIN : GRS519001002
Local Code : WEP
Capital Stock : 705.477 €
Nominal Value : 0,30 €
Stock Exchange : Wiener Börse
Market Segment : Third Market
Capital Market Coach : Capital Lounge GmbH
Specialist : ICF Bank AG

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General Assembly – May 2019

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